Have you called the Orange Top-up Services offered by Then it's time you should enjoy the benefits! More exactly the bonuses offered by means of our website. With our PrePay Bonus loyalty program you will get a "Phone Credit" bonus at each Orange online top-up, with at least 6 Euros credit. Moreover, when you get a prepaid online top-up, you will get 50% more Phone Credit bonus.

Here is below the bonus amounts for the Orange online top-up actions conducted on our website, the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to enjoy new lovely conversations with your loved ones:

Euro credit Bonus Phone Credit (Euros) Bonus Phone Credit (Euros) at online top-up
6 euro 0.80 euro 1.20 euro
7 - 11 euro 0.90 euro 1.35 euro
> 12 euro 1.80 euro 2.70 euro

The bonus resulting from the Orange online top-up services can be used maximum twice over a period of 12 months, if your prepaid sim number is active and if between the two moments there is a minimum of 6 top-ups of at least 6 Euros each.

Why get an Orange online top-up on Firstly, because it's the fastest method: all you need to do is enter phone number and amount. It can't be easier! Then, you should know that the online transactions on our website are 100% secure, as your personal data and your bank card data are encrypted and used for payment confirmation only. Have a good talk! :)