Communication within a company is essential, and managers are in constant search for alternative ways for their employees to communicate ever more efficiently, including in terms of costs. Here's where we enter: provides you with Vodafone, Orange and Telekom top-up services when your company has several prepaid phone numbers, which you top up on a monthly basis, on a fixed date or on different dates.

Vodafone, Orange and Telekom top-up services by come on the background of significant customer migrating from the postpaid mobile area to prepaid numbers. For our current and future clients, meaning by that companies, we have devised a fast and easy method of placing orders. If you are interested, all you need is complete the table form with your order and send it to us, and we will send your invoice.

The benefits of Vodafone, Orange and Telekom top-up services at for companies are:
  • lower costs than with mobile phone operators;
  • 8/24 availability, Mondays to Sundays;
  • fast response time, within maximum 10 minutes from order placement;
  • preserving the history of all orders;
  • placing several orders at the same time, for several phone numbers;
  • assistance with best order placement;
  • more efficient costs;
  • no additional costs.

The services offered by are with no additional taxes for both state-owned and private companies, be they Romanian or foreign ones. Euro credit amounts for mobile services, as well as the Euro/lei exchange rate used are set by the mobile phone operators.