How to effectively communicate with your loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic?

25 Mar 2020

Humanity is undergoing huge changes at this time, with the coronavirus pandemic affecting a large part of the population, regardless of sex, age or race. Right now, over 50% of the world's people are quarantined, along with or away from family members. Therefore, perhaps the most stressful moment is efficient communication, especially with the elderly.

Many older people do not take this pandemic seriously. One reason would be that they choose sources of information such as the television, others think that "there have been such pandemics that have been successful, why would this be different?".

Whatever the case may be, you can calm them down or advise them through the phone. So, if one of your grandparents has a smartphone, you can even initiate calls via Facetime or Skype. Especially if they are alone, the idea of ​​social isolation has great weight and can scare anyone. Communicating with a close person or even seeing that person through video calls has the gift of reassuring anyone.

Focus on helping others

Most of the times, the changes made do not only affect us, but also those around us. Therefore, if we establish a course of action that focuses on helping those in need, the message will have a much stronger impact on parents, grandparents and other loved ones.

For example, if you inform them that they are at a very high risk of infection, they will say "don't worry about me, I'll be fine." Instead, if you tell them that you want them to be healthy and not spread the virus among your loved ones, the responsibility that comes with the "package" will make them rethink their own course of action.

Think in specific terms

During a conversation about this pandemic, tips can degenerate into a real list. So, instead of trying to include everything in one conversation, choose a single topic or specific action that your loved ones can change.

For example, if you go shopping often, you can offer to order them online with home delivery for the next few weeks. Also, if they have Prepay cards, you can recharge them online through the website, so you don't have to go to the store or the distributor's shop when their credit expires.

Don't forget to call them at regular intervals to assess their condition

After having an important first conversation, do not forget to call them after a period of time to ask them about the results of the adopted changes. Maybe they need your advice on something, an important reason to make sure that your loved ones are up to date with all the real information. In addition, it is a very good opportunity to show your affection and to improve your relationship with your loved ones.

In conclusion, choose to communicate correctly and efficiently and be the initiator of a dialogue that will induce a state of happiness and peace within your family!